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Take Notice

Look around you. Pay attention if you see a child that shows signs of abuse:

  •  Physical Signs 

    • Welts or Bruises in various stages of healing

    • Burns, bite marks, or grab marks

    • Lacerations, abrasions, fractures 

    • Malnourished, poor hygiene

  •   Behavioral Signs 

    • Fear of parents or fear of going home

    • Anxiety and excuses for injuries

    • Wariness of adult contact

Say Something

If you witness or suspect child abuse, tell someone:

  • Teacher, Principal, Office worker, Counselor

  • Store Manager, Security Guard,

  • Lifeguard, Police Officer 


Call the Child Abuse Hotline
If you witness or suspect the abuse of a child, you can call:

Child Abuse Hotline:


Watch & Learn:

Print, Save & Share:

Mother and Baby on Floor


Children See and Children do. Your children are watching you.  Be a positive influence.

Safe at Home

COVID-19 Resources for Families

​Resources you may need while you and your family are staying safe at home.

From educational and family fun ideas to food centers and how to be safe if being at home isn't, we hope you can add some of this  information to your quarantine tool kit.

If you live in other areas of Los Angeles County and would like to contact your local Council, please visit:

Los Angeles County

Community Child Abuse Councils